Volleyball Rules

Volleyball Rules

    1. Each match will consist of the best out of three games. The team that wins two games first shall be declared the winner.

    2. Both teams must be ready to play at scheduled time. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! Teams must be ready to play at scheduled time with a minimum of 4 players. Penalty: Forfeit.

    3. Each team will be allowed a one minute timeout per game. No carryovers.

    4. Each game must be won by at least two points.

    5. Substitution is allowed only during a side-out.

    6. A maximun of six people can play at once. Four men and two women minimum or any other combination. If you play with four people, one of the players must be a female. A team can play with four men and only one female.

    7. The referee's decision is final and cannot be protested.

    8. Only the designated team captain may talk to or question the referee during the game.

    All other rules not listed on this page will be governed by the official United States Volleyball rule book.


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