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Washington, D.C.

St.  John's College High School  2607 Military Rd NW Washington, DC 
Take either Connecticut Ave., or 16th Street north.  If you take Conn Ave. take a  right onto Nebraska Ave., followed by a right onto Military Rd.  School is on  left.  Take a left onto Oregon Ave., Take first left into school  Parking lot is  down hill on right. The field is the first field on left when you pull into the  school. If you take 16th Street.  Take a left onto Military Rd from 16th.  Take  a right onto Oregon Ave.  Follow the above directions when you go to the school.
Jelleff  Club 3265 S Street, NW.  Washington DC  
From Georgetown take Wisconsin Ave north.  Take a right onto S Street.  Take  first left into club.  Small parking lot in club or parking on the street.
Alice  Deal JHS.  3815 Fort Drive, N.W. Washington DC
Take Connecticut Ave. or Wisconsin Ave. north to Nebraska Ave.   From  Conn.  Ave. Take a left onto Nebraska Ave.  School is on right.  From  Wisconsin Ave. take a right onto Nebraska Ave., school is on the left.  School is  located at Fort Drive and Nebraska.  Field is in back of the school.
Carter  Barren Rec. Center  16th and Kennedy Streets, NW Washington DC
Take 16th Street, north bound from the White House or South Bound from Montgomery  County.  Fields are located at the Fitzgerald Tennis Center at 16th Street and  Kennedy Pl.  Take a left or a right onto Morrow Dr., field is on left hand  side.  Parking lot is by the tennis stadium.
Edmond  Burke 2955 Upton Street, NW Washington DC 20008
Take Connecticut Ave. to Upton Street.  Upton is across the street from the Van Ness  UDC red line metro stop.  Gym is in basement of school.  School is the first  building on left on Upton Street.
Mt. Vernon College - 2100 Foxhall Road, NW
Take Wisconsin Ave. North. Take a left onto Reservoir Road. Take a right onto Foxhall  Road. Take first left onto W Street. Take left onto Campus Drive. Gym is on right by the  lower entrance, Lloyd Hall. From Maryland take Massachusetts or Wisconsin Ave. to Nebraska  Ave. West bound. Take a left onto Foxhall Road. Toward the end of Foxhall, take a right  onto W Street. Park on Street. Take left onto Campus Drive. Gym is on the right by the  lower entrance, Lloyd Hall.

(Map to Wisconsin Ave. Only)
Sidwell Friends - 3825 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Take Wisconsin Ave. North or South. School is on North bound side of street about 1/2 mile  North of the Washington Cathedral.
Mackin HS - 2200 California St. NW
From the city take Mass Ave. North to a right onto California St. or Conn. Ave. North,  must vier right onto Columbia Road then take a left onto California Street. School is on  the South side of the street. From the Beltway, take Conn. Ave. South to right onto  California Street (must go over Taft Bridge). The school is now called Our Lady Queen of  the Americas, but we use Mackin HS for simplicity.
American University.  4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW.  Take  Mass. Ave north and west.  Go through Nebraska street circle.  School is first  left after circle.  After you pull into the school stay on main drive until you reach  the radio tower.  Softball Field is down the hill from the tower.  You can park  in the lot that is in the away from field and down the hill. 
Gym:  Take same directions.  Bender  Arena is the first building on right after entering main campus drive.

(Only approximate area)
Catholic University John McCormick Rd. NE.  This field is  off the Redline Metro stop of Brookland CUA.  Take North Capitol Street north.   Take a right onto Michigan Ave.  Take a left onto John McCormick Rd.  Park at  the Dufour Center (Main athletic building on left ).  Go through the Dufour center to  get to the athletic fields being the center.  Softball field is up hill on  right.  ADC map page 10 E6.
Gym: 620 Michigan Ave., NE Located in the Dufour Center.
Friendship Rec. Center. 4500 Van Ness St. N.W.  F field furthest away from the center.  N closest to the center.  Follow  same directions as for American University.  After you cross over  the circle at Nebraska take a right onto 45th street.  Fields are down the hill on  left.  Parking is on the street.  ADC map location  Page 9  B 5.
Stoddert Rec Center. 39th & Calvert Streets  NW. Located  between 41st Street and 40th place on Calvert Street.  From downtown take Wisconsin  Ave. north.  Take a left onto Calvert Street.  Field is on right side.
Monument Grounds.  Field is at the base of the Washington  Monument.  Take Constitution Ave to Washington Monument. Field is on the north lawn  of the monument grounds between 15th street and the parking lot off Constitution.   Look for the umpire with the bases set up.

(Only approximate area)
Francis  Jr. High School.  24th & N Streets NW Washington DC
School is right outside of Georgetown.  It is easiest to take N Street to  school.  There is a parking lot behind the school.  Gym is on the second floor.
N.C.S.  Woodley Rd.  at Mount Saint Albon NW Washington DC
This school is located at the Washington Cathedral Take either Massachusetts Ave. or  Wisconsin Ave. north toward Bethesda.  Where Mass and Wisconsin intersect take a  right onto Wisconsin (or stay on Wisconsin).  Take your right onto Woodley Road.    Gym is the first building on the left.  Gym is on the second floor.
St  Albans Lower Gym (courts 1 and 2)  3551 Garfield Street - Mount  Saint Albans NW Washington DC
This school is located at the Washington Cathedral. Take either Massachusetts or Wisconsin  Ave. north. Take a right onto Garfield St.. First building on left (Activities  Building).  The gym is on the lower level.  There are two courts there.
15th & C Field - At  Intersection of Independence Ave & Raoul Wallenberg Place
Take Independence Ave to left at 15th Street which becomes Raoul Wallace Drive.  Across from the Monument Fields, next to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Lincoln Memorial VB
Take Constitution Ave to left at 23rd Street.  Take 23rd toward Lincoln Memorial.   Turn right onto Rock Creek Parkway.  Last right before Memorial Bridge.   Courts on the right.  Limited parking on Rock Creek Pkwy.

map1a.gif (15244 bytes)
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Ellipse - 15th & 17th and Constitution & E  Street

Monument Grounds - 15th & 17th and  Independence & Constitution Street

West Potomac/Polo Fields - 15th & 17th and  Independence & Ohio Drive

JFK Fields - 17th & Independence Ave, next to Reflecting Pool.

Polo Fields - Ohio Drive

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Montgomery County, MD

Burning  Tree Rec.  7904 Beech Tree Road.  Bethesda, MD  
Beltway to River Road exit 39 to Washington, DC.  Follow River Road to left on Beech  Tree Road.  Fields are located behind Burning Tree school at intersection of Beech  Tree Road and Maryknoll Ave.
Maplewood-  Alta Vista Rec.  5209 Alta Vista Road.  Bethesda, MD
Beltway to Wisconsin Ave., exit 34 toward Bethesda.  Follow Wisconsin Ave., 1/2 mile  to Alta Vista Road.  Turn right on Alta Vista to field on right.
Holton Arms - 7303 River Road. Bethesda, MD
The school is about 4.5 miles outside the city line. Inside the Beltway Massachusetts Ave.  If you take Mass. Ave. out of the city, stay on Mass. Ave. as you cross Westmoreland  Circle. When you get to the end of Mass. Ave. take a Right onto Goldsboro Road. At the  next light take a left onto River Road. Look for school after your cross over Wilson Lane.  School is on the Right. See Below:

Wisconsin Ave. - Take Wisconsin Ave. North. Take a  left onto River Road. Look for school after you cross over Wilson Lane. School is on the  right. See Below:

When on River Road: The road you are looking for the school is Royal Dominion  Drive.  From Washington, DC take a right onto this street.  From the Beltway  take a left.  Then immediately veer right onto Mary  Happer Drive.  Park in  the lower parking lot as close as you can to the tennis courts.  After parking walk  toward the tennis courts, at the wooden shed turn left toward the school.  When you  get to the small flight of steps go into the building.  The gym is on the left.   The Crest gym is the first court (large Crest painted on the wall) and the Panther gym is  the far court (large Panther printed on the wall).

Fleming Local Park. - 9929 Fleming Avenue, Bethesda.
Take Beltway to Rockville Pike (Rte 355) north exit. Follow Rte 355 one block to Grosvenor  Lane exit which is off to the right of Rockville Pike. Cross over Rte 355 south on  Grosvenor Lane. Follow Grosvenor Lane to Fleming Ave. Turn left on Fleming Ave and follow  park on left.
Meadowbrook  Local Park - 7907 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Take 495 to Connecticut Ave., South bound.  Make left onto East West Highway (Rt.  410). Make a right at Beach Drive.  The field and parking is first on the left.
Walter Johnson - 6400 Rock Spring Drive
Take 495 to Old Georgetown Rd., Exit 36. Go north on Old Georgetown Rd., After Democracy  Blvd. Take first left onto Rock Spring Dr., School is on left. Fields are behind school.
Timberlawn #2 Upper - 10800 Gloxina  Drive, Chevy Chase, MD 20817
Take 495 to Old Georgetown Rd., Exit 36. Go north on Old Georgetown Rd., Make right onto  Tuckerman Lane. Fields are on left.
Luxmanor Park - 6201 Tilden Lane,  Potomac
Beltway to route I-270 North to Frederick. Take Old Georgetown Road exit and bear right.  Follow Old Georgetown Road to left on Tilden Lane to school on right.
Norwood Park - 4700 Norwood Road, Bethesda
Beltway to Wisconsin Avenue (Rte 355) exit toward Bethesda. Follow Wisconsin Ave. through  Bethesda shopping area two blocks beyond Bradley Blvd. to Norwood Drive. Turn right on  Norwood Drive which deadends at the fields.
Farmland Drive Park - 7000 Old Gate  Road, Bethesda
Beltway to Old Georgetown Road (exit 37) North (towards Frederick/Rockville). Take Old  Georgetown Rd to left on Tilden Lane. Take Tilden Lane to a right onto Farmland Drive.  Park is on left next to Farmland ES.
Veirs  Mill Park - 4425 Garrett Park Road, Rockville
From Wheaton area take Veirs Mill Rd. North towards Rockville, make left on Randolph Road,  make left at 2nd light (Dewey Rd). Continue on Dewey it will bear around to the  right and becomes Garrett Park Rd. Continue around bend and center will be 1 block down on  right.
Plumgar Park - 19561 Scenery Drive,  Gaithersburg
Beltway to I 270 North. Take I 270 to exit 13, Middlebrook Road. Take Middlebrook Rd to a  right at Frederick Rd (Rte 355). Take Frederick Rd. to left on Scenery Drive, park is on  the right.
Woodacres - 5850 Wynnwood Road
Beltway to River Road exit toward Washington. Follow River Road and turn right on  Goldsboro Rd. Follow to left turn at Massachussetts Ave. Take Mass Ave to left turn on  Wynnwood Rd , by Woodacres school.
Avenel Park - 10051 Oaklyn Drive, Potomac
Beltway to River Road (West to Potomac) exit. Follow River Road to left on Bradley Blvd.  At Persimmon Tree stop sign Bradley Blvd name changes to Oaklyn Drive. Go across into  Avenel development. Stay on Oaklyn Drive approximately 1 mile to fields on right.
Tilden Middle School - 11211 Old Georgetown Rd,  Rockville
Take Old Georgetown Rd North from Wisconsin Ave. Go past beltway, go past Democracy Blvd.  After Tuckerman Lane school is on right.  Fields are behind school. 

METRO - Take Red line to Grosvenor stop.  When leaving the metro cross over Rockville Pike  onto Tuckerman Lane.  Take Tuckerman lane to the end.  Turn right onto Old  Georgetown rd. School on right.  Metro is about 1.3 miles to field.

Walt Whitman HS - 7100 Whittier Blvd
Beltway to River Road East toward Washington.  Turn left on Whittier Blvd.  School is on left.  Field on top of hill nest to tennis courts.

Randolph Hills - 11805 Ashley Drive
Take Rockville Pike to Randolph Road East Bound.  Turn right onto Rocking Horse Road, then a quick left on to Ashley Drive.  Follow to fields on the left.

Arylawn Recreation - 5652 Oakmont Ave
Beltway to Old Georgetown Road, south toward Bethesda.  Turn right onto Oakmont Ave.  Street dead ends at fields.

Bauer Drive - 14625 Bauer Drive
Rockville Pike to Rt. 28 Norbeck Road.  Turn right (east bound) onto Norbeck.  Turn right onto Bauer Drive.  First left into community center.  Fields are behind center.

North Bethesda Middle School - 8935 Bradmoor Drive Bethesda, MD 20817
Take Old Georgetown Road to Greentree Road. (Left Greentree from I-495 south on Old Georgetown Road and Right Greentree from downtown Bethesda) Turn Right onto Ewing Drive. Left on Bradmoor Dr.

Westland Middle School - 5511 Massachusetts Ave. Bethesda, MD 20816
From I-495 take River Road south toward Washington. Turn Right onto Goldsboro Road. Turn left onto Massachusetts Ave. School on left. From downtown Bethesda take Arlington Road south to left onto Little Falls Parkway. Turn right onto Mass Ave from Little Falls Parkway. School on Right. 

Baltimore,  MD

(Map to Caton Ave. Only)

Seton Keough - 1201 Caton Ave.
From 95 take exit 50, Caton Ave. North. School is located on your right after about 100  yards. From the city, take Wildens Ave (Rt.1) to Caton Ave. Make left at light. School  entrance is on your left at a light approx. 1/4 mile.

Cardinal Gibbons - 3225 Wilkens Ave.
From 95  Take I 95 to exit 50 (Caton Ave North towards Wilkens Ave).  After Passing 1 Light at Seton Keough, make your next right onto Wilkens Ave.  Make a right on DeSoto Ave and immediate right into parking lot.  From City  Take Wilkens Ave toward Caton Ave.  Make a left on DeSoto Avenue.  Immediate Right into the parking lot.  For Basketball  Gym is right in front of you.  For Softball  Go around the gym to the right.  Fields will be on your left.
Friends School - 5114 N. Charles Street
From Northern parkway, take Northern Pkwy to Charles Street South. Take a right at  Lawndale Ave. School is on the right. From the city, take Charles Street or Roland Ave.  North. From Charles Street make a left onto Lawndale Ave. From Roland Ave. take a right  onto Wyndhurst Ave. then a left onto Lawndale Ave. Gym is through main doors, on left.
Boys Latin School - 822 West Lake Ave.
From Falls Road North (Rt. 25) take a right onto Lake Ave. From Falls Road South (Rt. 25)  take a left onto Lake Ave. School is on the left before Elkridge Golf Course. From New  York Road North (Rt 45) take a left onto Lake Ave. From New York Road South take a right  onto Lake Ave. School is on the right just past Elkridge Golf Course. Pull into parking  lot and follow drive to the right of white buildings down the hill. Athletic Center will  be right in front of you.
Towson University, Burdick Playfields I & II - 8000 York Road
From  I 695  Get off at exit 25, Charles Street South.  Make a left on Towsontown Blvd.  Proceed to second Light, and make a right onto University Ave.   Burdick Playfields I & II will be on your right. 

From City  Take Charles Street North and make a right onto Towsontown Blvd.  Continue as above.

Prince Georges County, MD

Schrom Hills Field
Traveling east on 193 (toward Goddard Space Center), you will pass Greenway Shopping Center on the right.  Turn right after shopping center onto Hanover Parkway.   Field is on the left approximately 1.5 miles after turn.
Northway Fields
Traveling east on 193, turn left onto Southway.  Go past first light (exit
ramp from 295 south)  At the first stop sign make a right onto Ridge Rd.  At
third stop sign make a right onto unpaved road.  Follow until you see fields
on the right.

Northern Virginia

N. VA Community College
Ernst Community Cultural Center
- 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale
Take 495 to Exit 6 West (Outside Beltway) to Little River Turnpike. Take left onto campus  (Lake Drive), follow signs to Ernst Community Cultural Center. If coming the other way  Main St/Little River Turnpike take right onto campus.

Jewish Community Center - Fairfax - 8900 Little  River Turnpike, Fairfax
Take 495 to Exit 6 West (Outside Beltway) to Little River Turnpike. JCC is on the right.  If coming the other way Main St./Little River Turnpike take left into JCC.
Dowden Terrace Park - 5616 Bradley Blvd, Alexandria
From Seven Corners area (Falls Church) Take Leesburg Pike (Rt. 7)to S. George Mason   . Take right at G.Mason. Drive about mile. Make right (veer) onto Seminary Rd. About mile, take left onto Magnolia. Take left onto Rosser. Take Right onto Bouffant. You are there.

From 395. Take the King St. exit going west. At George Mason , take left. Drive about mile. Make right(veer) onto Seminary Rd. About mile, take left onto Magnolia. Take left onto Rosser. Take Right onto Bouffant.
Fairfax Villa ES - 10900 Santa Clara Drive, Fairfax
Take Rt. 66 to Chain Bridge Road (rt. 123) south bound.  Go about 2 miles to right at University Dr. Veer left onto Santa Clara Dr.,  School on right.
Good Counsel - 8601 Wolftrap Road, Vienna
Take Beltway (495) to exit 11 (Chain Bridge Rd) West towards Tysons/Vienna. Take a left on Niblick Rd then an immediate left on Wolftrap Rd.  Follow to school.
Shirley Park  #1 (Gunston Rec Center) - 2700 South Lang St, Arlington
Take Rt. 66 to Glebe Road (Rt. 120) east or south bound.  Stay on Glebe Road for about 5 miles.  Take a left onto Arlington Ridge Road. (You will hit Arlington Ridge Road after the I-395 intersection) Fields are on left


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