Dodgeball Rules

    1. 15 individuals on each side (minimum 1 female).

    2. Substitutions may be made between rounds only.

    3. Players must never cross the dividing line.

    4. First team to completely eliminate the opposing team wins that round.

    5. To eliminate a player you must hit him/her with a ball or catch a ball he/she has thrown.

    6. Once a player is hit he must sit on the sidelines for the remainder of the round.

    7. If a teammate catches the opposing player's throw he may deisgnate one teammate who is out to return to the game.

    8. Players who hit someone in the head must sit out the current round with no substitution.

    9. The game will commence with either three or four balls in the middle of the floor.  More balls may be added by the referee to inspire more plays and hits.

    10. The team who has won the most rounds at the hour time limit will be deemed the winner of the match.


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