Soccer Rules

Soccer Rules

NOTE: Play is governed by the current National Federation (High School) Rules with following modifications:

    1. The match is played between two teams of 11 players each. Both teams must be ready for play at the scheduled time. Match time is forfeit time. Teams must start and end the match with at least 7 players. Penalty: Forfeit.

    2. The match consists of two 35-minute halves with a 5 minute intermission. During the regular season, if at the end of regulation time the score is tied, the contest shall be declared a draw. There are no timeouts. The clock will only stop at the referee's discretion. In the event of darkness or poor field conditions, one half (35 minutes) will constitute a legal match. The game will be started by the sounding of whistle. With two minutes remaining in each half the whistle will sound twice to signify the two minute warning. Another whistle will signify the end of the half/game.

    3. Each team must wear uniformly-colored (preferably numbered) shirts which contrast with the opponent's shirts. Penalty: Yellow card assessed to team captain(s).

    4. SportsLeagues will provide a regulation ball for all matches. However, if both team captains agree, a substitute ball (provided by either team) may be used instead.

    5. The field size is 100 yards long by 60 yards wide, unless this is unavailable at given location.

    6. There is no substitution while the ball is "live". Unlimited substitutions may be made on your team's throw-in or corner kick. Both teams may substitute during a goal kick, between halves, and after a goal is scored.

    7. Shoes with metal cleats, metal tipped cleats, plastic cleats with sharp edges, or any other shoes deemed unsafe by the referee may not be used. Shoes with rubber, nylon, or blunt plastic cleats may be worn.

    8. At the moment of the kickoff, all players shall be in their team's half of the field. Players opposing the kicker shall be at least 10 yards from the ball until it is kicked.

    9. A ball crossing the sideline will be put back into play by a throw-in.

    10. Penalty kicks are awarded for all direct kick fouls committed inside the penalty area.

    11. Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere inside the penalty area.

    12. NO SLIDE TACKLES! Any player using a slide tackle (in judgment of the referee) will receive a warning follow by a yellow card if the action is continued.

    13. The penalty area shall extend out 18 yards from the end line. The goal area shall extend out six yards from the end line. Offensive players may touch the ball inside the penalty area (18 yard box) but may not enter the goal area (six yard box), Penalty: indirect free kick. The goalkeeper may touch the ball anywhere inside the 18- yard box.

    14. The goalkeeper, once he/she has clear possession of the ball in the penalty area, must get rid of the ball within a reasonable amount of time.

    15. Any situation arising that is not covered by these rules will be resolved by the referee(s).


    16. At no time may there be more than seven members of either sex represented on the playing field. (i.e. 7 men and 3 women is permissible).

    1. Penalty shots may be attempted by any member of the offended team provided that member is the same sex as the player fouled.


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