Tommy Joe's Summer Lacrosse League Rules 


15 minute quarters running time, clock stops last 2 minutes of second half if it is a 3 goal game or less.

Times out are allowed anywhere on field

2 time outs per half

Diving is OK

Unlimited long sticks on field

No fighting, automatic ejection and one game suspension. 

No 10 second rule

2 minute warning in the box rule will be in effect. Final two minutes of the game, the team with the lead must keep the ball in the box. 

No horn - substitution on the fly only. 

Overtime, sudden death, with a 5 minutes running clock, one extra time out per team.

Stick dimensions > head width not less than 6.25 inch and 40" minimum stick length. It is up to the referees when and where they will do stick checks. No illegal pockets.


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