Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules

    1. Each game will consist of two twenty minute halves with a three minute intermission between halves. Each half will have a continuous clock until the final minute of the first half and the final two minutes of the second half.

    2. Both teams must be ready to play at scheduled time. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! Teams must be ready to play at scheduled time with a minimum of 4 players. Penalty: Forfeit.

    3. Each team will be allowed two (2) one minute time-outs per half. No Carryovers.

    4. If at the end of regulation the score is still tied than a three (3) minute overtime period shall commence. This overtime period shall have complete running time until the final minute of the overtime period. One additional time-out will be given to each team during overtime.

    5. Substitution is allowed only during a dead ball when the referee has the ball.

    6. All Technical fouls will result in two shots and possession. Any unsportsmanlike technical fouls will result in a personal foul for the offending player. Each player is allowed five (5) total fouls per game. Teams will shoot one and one when team fouls reaches seven. At ten team fouls (per half) the team will shoot two free throws.

    7. Two technical fouls given to same player will result in game ejection. Three technical fouls on one team will result in forfeit. (Unsportsmanlike technical fouls only).

    8. The referee will be the sole judge of the time clock.

    9. The referee's decision is final and cannot be protested.

    10. Only the designated team captain may talk to or question the referee during the game.

    11. All players are required to wear a numbered jersey all the same color. If team does not have the required jerseys, a technical foul will be imposed at the start of each half. (2 shots)

    12. NO DUNKING! If a player dunks the basketball or hangs on the rim without the basketball that player will be given a technical foul and will be ejected from the game. If the same team has a second incident involving the rim in the same game, the game shall be declared over and the opposing team will be given the forfeit victory.

    COED Rules (coed divison only)

    13. At least two women on the court at all times.


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